The Cons of Freelancing
(ফ্রিল্যান্সিং পেশার মন্দ দিক)

Recently some of my Facebook friends requested me to create a post on pros and cons of freelance work. They said that there are thousands of pages on the internet but they like to see the main points in one place.
Freelance work has become a popular career choice for a lot of people these days. Instead of working on a regular basis for one employer, freelancers are self-employed and offer their services to worldwide employers. Some freelancers are part timers and some are full timers.

This post is meant for those people who are new to freelancing world or just trying to get into. I’m begging pardon of the valued freelancers who have been working for years with success at different marketplaces. The opinions in this post are based on my practical experiences during my freelancing career since 2015 at  guru marketplace. Definitely there are more issues other than these.

1. It is said that a freelancer is his own boss. In a sense this is true. But actually a freelancer has multiple bosses to serve, communicate, obey and satisfy.

2. Most of the freelancers have to spend time for searching next job. There are very few who are lucky enough to work for months on the projects given by one or two clients. All the rest of freelancers spend an hour or two daily to get hired for the next job. Some of the freelancers search for job posts once more, even 20-30 times a day. Moreover people of this sub-continent have to apply for jobs during late night.

3. If a freelancer has multiple jobs in a year, there is chance that he may have to face a rude employer with negative mind. Expert freelancers observe some tricks to avoid such bad luck but unfortunately cannot be prevented 100%. Because the employer is proved to be a bad guy after the work is almost completed.

4. The profession of freelancing cannot be socially recognised. People think that the person is not able to manage a dignified job and so she/he is doing freelancing jobs. Even it is heard from Group members on Facebook that there are some fathers who do not choose a freelancer for their daughter.

5. Freelancers work from home. They do not have official environment around their work station. There are family members, households, guests, children, seniors at home. Freelancers working from home sometimes get annoyed or distracted. So they often work at night to avoid such type of hassles.

6. A freelancer sometimes feels isolated from the society and friends, sometime feels lonely and depressed.

7. Work is inconsistent and so cash flow is inconsistent. Freelancer does not have jobs always. This is almost inevitable for most of us. There are times that he has no job for a week or even a month. A full time freelancer may fall in hardships during this off time.

8. There is no opportunity for a leave, pension benefits, insurance etc. So no financial security in this profession. A freelancer has always a tension: how long will this profession last for him?

Conclusion: Nevertheless, people love to do freelancing for some extra money. A portion of them are full timer with freelancing as only profession. People love it and are doing it. But one should think ten times before he decides to leave the day job for freelancing.

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