You know that there are two ways that we get sales:
Gateway 1: Gig Search
Buyer searches on Fiverr for a qualified Seller based on his requirements and sends message to one or more Sellers he thinks to be fit.
Gateway 2 – Job post:
We call it Buyer Request. Buyer posts his job. We send offers.

In both cases the common criteria for his selection is same.
– Gig image seems to be exactly what he needs
– Gig description matches his requirements
– gets sufficient information at “About the Seller”
– good jobs score / review if there is any.

You may look at this perfect Gig here.

You may give a try searching “outlook vba” and you will see this gig as the first place of 120 Gigs whereas this is a new Gig, started 5 months ago and total number of jobs are below 10. There is too little room for descriptions. You can attach a pdf with more details of your services and the past work. You may look at the pdf attached to this Gig.

Buyer will choose the best one he thinks fit based on:
what the Seller has written in reply to his message, if he has suggested a good solution, what will be the deliverable, how he will work, how much it will cost him, how much time it will take to complete and such.
I like to mention only one thing here. The AIDA theory about your Gig description. This is explained in a video in this course offered by Fiverr for free.

A = Attention
I = Interest
D= Desire
A = Action
Action means “a call for action”.
What do you want the buyer to do? What should the buyer do now when he reads the gig description. You want him send you a message, right? So you have to suggest in any way at the end of Gig description.

You can do your business and at the same time can spend some time studying  things and know more and do better in the near future. There are numerous resources on Fiverr alone for free.