No MANTRA or LUCK  helped me to become a successful freelancer except these:

  • the technical skill you have,
  • control over English language,
  • business intelligence, that is, ability to convince client through a winning  cover letter and messaging,
  • honesty,
  • love for the work,
  • love for the client,
  • after delivery support, if client asks
  • highest performance score,
  • no negative score,
  • huge portfolio items,
  • regular update to the profile/portfolio
  • regular job search and send quote fast
  • keep in touch with your present clients (and past clients if there is possibility that they will hire further)
  • you presence on the internet (social media, websites) with real identity etc.


My success story in brief

Time runs so fast. It seems to me that I just started few months ago but it is 5 years. My work anniversary at guru marketplace is nearing. This is the 5th year.

My score is always 100% with 134 positive feedback 2 negative feedback (with no comments). He did not comment because he had nothing to say as it was his fault. He was from Vietnam.

I did quite well in 2015-2017. Afterwards the site was losing business for some reasons. I started working with some direct clients in 2018 after I retired from my day job. Till now this is my favourite work place; for less competition, high price, fewer restrictions, immediate withdrawal system and more. To utilize my work hours I’ve started working at Fiverr about half a year ago. I got my first sale just in two days I uploaded my Gigs.  Before I started, I studied for 2-3 months and spent 2-3 hours daily to know about Fiverr. The uploaded Gigs and edited several times. Now I think that each of my Gigs have all qualities that should have.

The biggest party:

I’m lucky enough to have some 5-6 permanent clients there, that is, one in a year. I will talk about one of them here.

I developed Banking database in Access for a company is in Wexford, Ireland. They have two non-Bank financial enterprises which lend money to people against mortgage of vehicles. Till today I’m maintaining the database and earning a little amount every year.


How I convinced, being a newbie:

I got this job in the first month. I could convince them. I showed some past work and also told them that I was then a Branch Manager of Sonali Bank. I collected some identity from Head Office, Motijheel and showed them. They asked me questions on Banking in a live session. The owner of the company was there. They were satisfied. They hired me for $30 hour. Till today I work for that hourly rate.

In relation to some monthly performance reports, I had to work for the Credit Bureau of the Central Bank of Ireland, Dublin. They paid me $6,300 USD in 2018-2019 (about 5 months).


The joy that knows no bounds:
It’s only me on this planet who is enjoying the pleasure of this 5th anniversary. I know how much I had to try for the success, day after day, then months, years.